5 SOLDIERS- the Body Is The Frontline is a short film that takes you inside the physicality of 5 soldier/dancers. Based on extensive research with the British Military, with choreographer Kay working with the 4th Battalion the Rifles over a year, 5 SOLDIERS has a strong sense of narrative as the soldiers go through the rigours of drill, release, sexual tension with the lone female soldier, before entering into the realm of battle and ultimately ending on the randomness of injury. The work exposes the frailty of the human condition in war- disorientating and highly embodied when watching from the dancers own head cameras, as the environment moves around and fellow soldiers smile, joke and attack you, or as you step further away, the dancers become like ants in a huge desolate landscape. This multiplicity links the parallels to us all and the soldiers experience- how intensely everything is felt close up, but ultimately how small you in the big picture of war.
Director: Rosie Kay
Choreographer: Rosie Kay
Director of Photography: Louis Price
Editing: Adam Kirkland-Leach
Music: Annie Mahtani
Performers: Tilly Webber, Chris Linda, Chris Vann, Michael Spenceley, Tomasz Moskal
Additional artists & collaborators: Collaborators Aquila TV, Sir Peter Rigby, management Hannah Sharpe, PR Lesley Wilde.
Arts Galleries and Festivals:
Caught in the Crossfire, Artists Responses to Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation, Herbert Arts Gallery, Coventry, January 2014-July 2014
International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy, May 2012
Dundee Dance Film Festival, May 2012
Dance with Camera, Edinburgh Filmhouse July 2011

“One of the most engaging elements in the show is 5 Soldiers, a video installation by Rosie Kay Dance Company. It is a powerful piece of art that conveys a real sense of how suppressed violence can rise quickly to the surface”
Museums Journal Sharon Heal

“Among the single works, most blindsiding is the multi screen footage of Rosie Kay Dance Company’s 5 Soldiers… death scenes are nothing new in dance, this though, makes you forget categories”
Art Monthly Curt Riegelnegg

Multi-Screen Sequence for Installation

Aspect ratio (16:4, etc.): 1.85:1 or 16:9
Source media (mini DV, etc.): Blue Ray or DVD
Date of completion: March 2011
Country: UK