There is Hope
Photo credit: Petrov Ahner

About RKDC

Rosie Kay Dance Company have a reputation for making bold, original and exciting works that challenge perceptions and take on innovative subjects. Highly physical, with astute performances and intense athleticism, we make works that excite audiences with a visceral experience they feel in their bodies and minds. We aim to connect with our audience and are interested in building new audiences and attracting people who may have never seen first-rate contemporary dance before.

Rosie Kay doesn’t do things by halves.

The Guardian

Established in 2004 the company exists to nurture and further the creative talents of choreographer and director Rosie Kay, who is recognised as a leading choreographer in dance, film and theatre. Award winning and nationally prolific, Rosie Kay Dance Company makes a dynamic range of shows, always exploring in exciting ways what dance can be and how dance can be presented.

As a choreographer I am always challenging myself- working across a range of subject matters that brings me from dance into the lives of soldiers, into the academic corridors of University of Oxford, or recently researching with inner city teenagers in Birmingham, Wolverhampton and Derby. Making works that no one else has seen before, and on topics that are relevant, important and political really excites me.

Rosie Kay

  • Rosie Kay is based in the West Midlands and became the first associate artist of DanceXchange in 2004.
  • Rosie Kay Dance Company has been a regular recipient of public funding through Arts Council England to research, develop, create and tour.
  • Rosie Kay is a Research Associate to the University of Oxford School of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography.