Dance Theatre (10) Rosie Kay Dance Company is an internationally recognised dance-theatre company who create political, timely and challenging work that tours across the globe in unique and captivating ways. Established in 2004 the company creates a dynamic range of productions that tour with a broad range of activities, gaining the company a national profile, loyal audiences and regular programming with some of the UK’s leading theatres.

MODERN WARRIOR Chinese New Year 2018

MK ULTRA delving into the illuminati

Double Points:K a pure abstract study in form, vocabulary and stamina

5 SOLDIERS The Body is the Frontline

Motel Inspired by Huntley Muir

Sluts of Possession A Collaboration between Louis Price, Rosie Kay, Guilherme Miotto and Peter Missotten

There is Hope the body and religion


The Wild Party

Asylum based on research with refugees and asylum seekers