Following in-depth research, award winning choreographer Kay (and former artist in residence at the University of Oxford) discovered that there was a huge divide between those who were aware of the illuminati saturation in pop music; the under 25’s, and those who weren’t; the over 25’s. Shocked and excited to be exploring such an important subject matter, Kay found that young people were engaged, political, cynical and frightened by what they believed, what they suspected and what they could know for certain. When consulting the over 25’s, Kay discovered a general sense of unease, but very little real knowledge of what this world looks and feels like.

“a wildly ambitious new work….a postmodern fantasia”

MK Ultra asks important questions about the real and the fake, and whether, for a new generation, they’ve become one.”
★★★★ The Observer

“Extraordinary….a super-saturated sensory feast of movement, sound and imagery”
★★★★ The Financial Times

Exploring popular culture has never been so odd- a world filled with satanic images, occult messages, hidden symbols and hyper-sexualisation, this stuff is packaged as mainstream and sold across the globe.  Kay, with a typically fearless eye, delves deeply into this world and conjures up something entirely new, subverting the subversive. If you didn’t know about the illuminati, you soon will and if you did, expect MK ULTRA to shatter the Illuminati’s illusory control.

“In a stylish collaboration, the film-maker [Adam Curtis] and choreographer [Rosie Kay] explore the myth of a shadowy cult attempting world domination through mass brainwashing”
The Guardian 

“a supremely slick, glossy and confrontational piece of work that combines exciting dance with fascinating ideas”
British Theatre Guide