Image courtesy of Birmingham Weekender 2017, Dani Bower Photography

Modern Warrior join or watch the epic urban action experience

Pick a side and join either the Mods or the Trads and train to be a MODERN WARRIOR. A fast-paced urban takeover with exciting and dramatic sequences, two opposing groups meet in an epic stand-off.

Audiences have the chance to join in, be trained and become part of the action or simply watch as the legend unfolds.
Co-commissioned by International Dance Festival Birmingham & Birmingham Weekender (produced by DanceXchange and supported by Birmingham Hippodrome)
Choreographer and Director: Rosie Kay
Producer: James Preston
Designer: Louis Price
Composer: Annie Mahtani
Premiere: Birmingham Weekender Sun 24 Sep 2017
Chinese New Year special Sun 18 Feb 2018

The Traditionalists, known today as THE TRADS
These hard workers repeat the mantras of old, preserving ancient traditions from centuries before. They look to the past for the way forward.

The Modernists, today identified as THE MODS
These versatile fighters improvise, they train in many ways, constantly reinventing themselves and bringing in hybrid forms. They look to the future for inspiration.