We have been chosen as one of the recipients of this year’s Digital Bursary awarded by Arts Connect! The bursary will enable us to explore the digital potential of MK ULTRA and how motion capture and digital mapping can stimulate young people’s engagement in contemporary dance.

The show which premieres at Birmingham Hippodrome on Thursday 20 September was created by Rosie Kay in collaboration with filmmaker Adam Curtis and looks at how young people have reacted to the manipulation of truth in the mainstream media and politics, particularly by building a culture of conspiracy, hidden symbols and codes within pop music videos and fashion.

With costumes designed by Lady Gaga designer Gary Card, dancers will enter a motion capture studio to help develop an interactive tool specifically tailored for young people.

As the storyline of MK ULTRA focuses on the cultivation of surreal personas and the blurring of reality and fiction, this project involves young people in the further exploration of these themes via a digital medium.

See MK ULTRA in September 

Find out more about Arts Connect digital programme.

The other recipients of the bursary are: Dudley Canal & Tunnel Trust, Craft Space, Hurtleberry Castle Preservation Trust, and Heritage & Culture Warwickshire (HCW) Archives.