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Apologies, the previous email we sent had an incorrect link for the Perceptions Survey - the link below is correct and you can access the survey directly here: https://uk.culturecounts.cc/s/6k8afz

Best wishes,

    Rosie Kay
    Artistic Director

    Available to buy:
    The Romeo + Juliet Costume Collection

    Available to purchase for a limited time, the Romeo + Juliet Costume Collection is a limited edition replica collection featured in Romeo + Juliet. Each clothing item is a replica of a central costume piece featured in the show, worn by characters Romeo, Juliet and Ben. Designed by designer and filmmaker Louis Price, each piece is produced from high quality fabrics and finishes and individually made-to-order in London.

    Ben jumper front
    romeo jacket front
    T-Shirt front
    All proceeds contribute to the rehearsal and production period of the show, specifically the extra 'bubbling' and accommodation costs due to Covid-19.
    Perceptions survey graphic

    We want to hear your views!

    Answer a survey for a chance to win £100

    We are undertaking a Perceptions Survey to help them understand, reflect and respond to the views of anyone and everyone that wants to contribute. Whether or not you’ve ever seen a RKDC show or taken part in one of our projects we're seeking your views on the company to help drive our future plans.

    Complete the online survey by Sunday 5 September 2021 to be entered into a draw to win £100.

    RKDC returns to Army at the Fringe with
    The Mind is the Frontline

    The Mind is the Frontline
    Edinburgh - Drill Hall
    & Live Streamed Online
    10 – 11 August 2021
    10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 18:00
    Tickets £5

    Following 5 Soldiers – The Body is the Frontline, Rosie Kay curates a series of live and hybrid panel discussions around freedom, security and warfare, examining if the new frontline is now being fought in our minds.
    Adult Female Dancer landscape high res

    Absolute Solo II

    Saturday saw Rosie's final performance of Absolute Solo II. We're delighted to share this review in The Scotsman of her performance at Edinburgh Festival Theatre:

    "she took to the stage alone and occupied it as fully as a 40-strong corps de ballet"
    Thanks to our Patrons
    Thanks to the Friends of Rosie Kay

    Birmingham Hippodrome Associate