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Its been so wonderful to get back into the studio again with the cast of Romeo + Juliet. So far we have revised the work, re-worked various aspects of the narrative and character development and re-choreographed a few areas to make it more meaningful and multi-layered. The cast are so generous, full of energy and hard working, the days are passing in a flash. We are now starting full runs of the show, as well as bringing in experts; dramaturg Ben Payne and rehearsal directors Frances Clarke and Shanelle Clemenson, to fine tune and push certain areas. The music is developing with composer Annie Mahtani weaving her original score, Berlioz and the Voices of Birmingham expertly together.

It's delicate and all-consuming work, but the results are looking pretty spectacular so far. The level of emotion takes me by surprise at times- I get shivers up my spine, I laugh out loud and then I feel tears pricking the corners of my eyes. I think this show will excite, thrill and then deeply move audiences. We've included some of our new photos by Joe Bailey below.

Last week we had costume fittings with our costume maker Sasha Keir and designer Louis Price, which really pushed things up a level! We're delighted to be able to offer our audience a piece of that magic with our limited edition Romeo + Juliet Costume Collection. All proceeds of these sales support the making of the show- find out more below.

Lastly, it's the last few days of our Perceptions Survey. We're grateful that so many of you have already shared your thoughts in this survey to help drive our future plans, but would love to hear from each and every one of you here.

Hope you can make it to see the live show!
Rosie Kay
Artistic Director
RKDC Romeo + Juliet 3
RKDC Romeo + Juliet 5
Images by Joe Bailey. Dancers: Mayowa Ogunnaike and Subhash Viman Gorania.

Romeo + Juliet world premiere

8 Sept 2021 | 1pm & 7.30pm | Birmingham Hippodrome

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Give in style

Available to purchase for a limited time, the Romeo + Juliet Costume Collection is a limited edition replica collection featured in Romeo + Juliet. Each clothing item is a replica of a central costume piece featured in the show, worn by characters Romeo, Juliet and Ben. Designed by designer and filmmaker Louis Price, each piece is produced from high quality fabrics and finishes and individually made-to-order in London.

All proceeds contribute to the rehearsal and production period of the show, specifically the extra 'bubbling' and accommodation costs due to Covid-19.
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We want to hear your views!

Answer a survey for a chance to win £100

We are undertaking a Perceptions Survey to help us understand, reflect and respond to the views of anyone and everyone that wants to contribute. Whether or not you’ve ever seen a RKDC show or taken part in one of our projects we'd love to hear your views on the company to help drive our future plans.

Complete the online survey by Sunday 5 September 2021 to be entered into a draw to win £100.

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