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I am delighted and very relieved that the full company returned safely from the USA on Monday night. Unfortunately the dancers planned holidays were cut short, but we were pleased that we managed to perform all of our scheduled shows at the Mondavi Center UC Davis, ArtPower UC San Diego and at Mesa Arts Centre.

We set off with the Covid-19 threat in our minds, with a lot of hand washing and hand sanitising, but in no way did we expect the escalation that happened over the three weeks we were away. Actually, most pressing was the fact that due to passport issues, one of our dancers had been refused boarding and we were flying over the Atlantic with only 4 out of the 5 titled soldiers. Quickly going into crisis mode, we started looking at all our options, contacting alternative dancers, then re-planning the show, dancers sat with laptops on the plane learning new sections. The outcome was a totally new character in the show- a new ‘Lieutenant Colonel Kay’. And I reworked the show to include myself, following a hiatus of five years from performing. When making the show, I knew very few women of my age in the Army. Now we’ve toured for 10 years, I not only know many more female officers, I’d count some as my friends and hugely inspiring people. Drawing on these women, and a bit of my own character development, I found myself awake at 2am on my first night in Davis, learning drill, worried that my banging feet would wake the hotel guests below! Our day off was re-scheduled and in one day we managed to rework the full show and rehearse a run-through on stage. Mondavi staff were incredible, offering as much support as we needed.
Mondavi Center UC Davis
We opened on Wednesday to a full house and a standing ovation. It was a deeply emotional moment for me, returning to stage in a show I’d never thought I’d be part of as a performer, and was delighted that my good friend Yolanda Faye (US Air Force retired) was able to witness the new show. The Mondavi Canter was an amazing experience, and we ended with a show specially for veterans which was extremely well received.
ArtPower UC San Diego
After a day off we all departed for San Diego, and the team converted a beautiful space at Liberty Station (a former air force training base) into a theatre space, and opened the show there, again with a standing ovation and overwhelming response from audience members and veterans. We were over the moon when dancer Alan Hunte managed to get through the red tape and arrived on the Friday night, performing two excellent shows on the Saturday. With a day off we explored the beautiful Californian coast, body surfing, sun bathing and eating tacos and drinking margaritas! Thanks to everyone at ArtPower, especially CEO Jordan Peimer.
Mesa Arts Centre
Arriving in Mesa, Arizona, we found out that San Diego was shutting down, but things seemed chilled and relaxed in Arizona. We opened the show in the gorgeous Piper Repertory Theater, and again, were overwhelmed by the response of audience, workshop participants and the show sponsors, Boeing. We could feel the heat worldwide and kept an eye on the news, the theatre was determined to stay open, we felt we were not going to get home any earlier than our scheduled flights, and we wanted to perform as long as we could. However, difficult decisions we made by four of the cast, as they decided not to continue with planned US holidays, and changed flights to return home with the rest of us. Thanks to the team at MAC, especially Randy and Shenequa.
Getting home
It was a nerve racking 48 hours, flying from Arizona to the UK, via San Francisco and Dublin, but airline staff were incredible and we got home without too much adventure. It was emotional saying goodbye to each other- we had become such a tight group, looking out for each other, performing together and keeping each other strong and positive. I’m so very proud of everyone. It was a tour and a life experience I will never, ever forget.

We're now back and taking stock of the current situation and adapting our future plans.

Everyone at RKDC wishes you and your loved ones all the best in these challenging times.
Rosie Kay
Artistic Director
With everyone spending a lot more time at home the media has been rounding up some of the best art to watch online. We're delighted that the 2017 live stream of 5 SOLDIERS (commissioned by The Space) has been lauded as one to watch.

Hottest front-room seats: the best theatre and dance to watch online

Rosie Kay’s extraordinary 5 Soldiers: The Body is the Frontline was staged in army drill halls around the UK but since its live stream is still available online you can watch it from the comfort of your own sofa. Performing in close quarters to a score that mixes punk and opera, Kay’s phenomenal company bring home the horror of combat and disarm audiences.

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The critically acclaimed five-star production is a collaboration between British choreographer Rosie Kay and the British army, and gave an insight into the psychology and welfare of soldiers fighting on the front lines. It's now available to watch online.

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