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Dear [subscriber:firstname | default:reader],

June is here and I was so lucky and excited to break out of my spare room/office and get back into the studio (well, a local Quaker meeting hall to be exact). It was amazing to have some space to move in after 10 weeks of lockdown and I'm feeling energised and ready to make my new solo. Below you can see a video of my recent lockdown residency and also an invitation to be a Commissioning Angel for the new piece.

We hope you managed to join us for the online premiere of Fantasia last month - we were delighted that more than 1000 people saw the free show and we had two great post-show discussions. We're working on another online premiere which we hope to announce next month.

Please also check out the work of BBC New Creative (and RKDC board member) Monique Mehra in her beautiful short film I Am Soldier.

It's been a very difficult week across the world, as we all recoiled in shock at the murder of George Floyd. I was extremely shocked and saddened, and the only wrong thing is to say nothing. Things need to change, and here at RKDC we want to do everything we can to destroy historic prejudice and address current racism. We know that dance has the power to unite, to heal and to expose deeply ingrained wrongs. We can do more and we will. To the members of our immediate and extended communities, we see you. We love you. We care. Black lives matter.

Take care,

    Rosie Kay
    Artistic Director
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    Could you be a Commissioning Angel?

    Help us raise £5250 to create a new artwork

    Rosie is currently embarking on a milestone project marking 21 years since her debut solo show and she is asking for your support as a ‘Commissioning Angel’ for the new solo she is creating.

    What is a Commissioning Angel and what's in it for me?
    • You'll be one of 21 people investing £250 right at the beginning to help Rosie realise her creative vision for the new solo
    • You will be credited as a ‘Commissioning Angel’ on all promotional materials with your name (or the name you gift/dedicate your donation to) printed in full on performance programmes and our website. You'll be showing your public support for the work of artists in a challenging time.
    • You'll receive two tickets to the live or online premiere of the show in November 2020
    • Commissioning Angels can donate the £250 as a lump sum or in five monthly instalments
    Screenshot 2020-06-05 at 11.42.11
    We appreciate that a donation of this size is not possible for many people. If you would like to donate a smaller amount to show your support of Rosie Kay's work you can donate here. Thank you.

    Lockdown residency

    A new solo in the making

    Rosie undertook a virtual residency with C-DaRE (Centre for Dance Research at the University of Coventry, unable to actually be in the studio, her work was done at home, in lockdown, and was a chance to glimpse some of her unique research methods.


    I Am Soldier

    BBC New Creatives

    Artist, performer and RKDC Board Member Monique Mehra first engaged with Rosie Kay as a participant in '120 SOLDIERS', the foyer performance before the premiere of 10 SOLDIERS at Birmingham Hippodrome in May 2019. Inspired by this experience, Monique was successful in being selected as one of the BBC/Arts Council England's New Creatives and was commissioned to make a short film which has just been released and broadcast by the BBC.

    I Am Soldier is a short film exploring disability, dance and an unusual connection to the life of a soldier.

    A film by & featuring Monique Mehra
    Directed & Choreographed by Rosie Kay
    Director of Photography - Louis Price
    Produced by Julie Colman

    Still available

    Digital culture, available for free

    The 2017 live stream of 5 SOLDIERS (commissioned by The Space) available for free on YouTube.
    Future-Proof Artist
    Five episodes of our arts talk show podcast. Available for free on iTunes and Soundcloud.

    Make It West Midlands

    Check out this wonderful curated source of links and information on cultural activity from West Midlands arts organisations available online. You will find virtual tours of our favourite galleries and museums, at home entertainment which showcases the new ways arts and entertainment organisations are bringing culture to our homes, family quizzes, puzzles and learning resources to keep the kids entertained and blogs and news stories on regional arts.

    Donate for art's sake

    These are challenging times for the survival of art and artists. We are fortunate to be supported in part by Arts Council England however we also rely on one-off and regular donations to continue creating new work and touring.

    If you can, please consider making a donation to Rosie Kay Dance Company.

    Thank you
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    Thanks to our Patrons: The Fiscal Incentives Group, Opus Restaurant, Stefan Kay & Merle Wray
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