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Are you ready for the new wave of automated popstars?

It’s less than six weeks to the first performance of MK ULTRA on our 2018 tour, opening the season at Birmingham Hippodrome’s Patrick Studio.

When we premiered MK ULTRA last March, it felt ahead of the curve; we started developing the show before the mainstream reporting of Fake News and how the online medium has lent itself to the twisting of facts and circulation of mistruths. Since Fake News made the headlines last year, more and more people are questioning the truthfulness of ‘facts’, where these facts are coming from and whether they can trust the media at all. We don’t know who or what to believe any more.
MK ULTRA looks at how the blurring of fact and fiction has created a hotbed of conspiracy, with a particular theory being that the biggest names in music (Britney, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Rihanna) are subject to the control of the secret puppetmasters. Pop culture has such a strong hold over society that the Illuminati have turned to brainwashing and creating celebrities to control the masses.

And who knows what is true and what is fake? MK ULTRA was the CIA code word for a real programme of brainwashing, a mission to try to wipe out and control people’s minds, that stopped in the 1970’s. The aim is not to make the particular conspiracy of MK ULTRA and the pop star’s mind control plausible. It’s to comment on how mediums - whether that’s film, image, sound or dance – can conjure and construct some form of truth. Or is it all about our own perceptions of reality?

For 2018’s tour, we have three new dancers and have tightened the storytelling of the show, focusing on the rise and fall of the MK ULTRA queen.

Come and see the show, with booking links below!
Rosie Kay, Artistic Director

Tickets for MK ULTRA

Thu 20 & 21 Fri September
Birmingham Hippodrome

Tue 25 September
Forest Arts Centre

Fri 28 & Sat 29 September
Sherman Theatre

Tue 2 October
G Live
16 October
Strode Theatre
Street, Somerset

23 October
Customs House
South Shields

26 October
Aberystwyth Arts Centre

8 November
Southbank Centre
Post-show talk with Adam Curtis

10 November
LEAP Dance Festival
DSC_2474 - Version 2

Modern Warrior at summer festivals

Over the summer months, we have been touring MODERN WARRIOR across the country. Coming up, we’ve got performances at Just So Festival in Cheshire on 18 and 19 August and Lift Off! in Salisbury on 26 and 27 August. If you are in the South West or North West and looking for some family fun in the great outdoors, get these two dates in the diary.


A new commission

For our followers in and around Newcastle and Gateshead, Rosie has a new commission to create a solo for Eliot Smith Dance. The premiere will be at The Sage Gateshead on Tue 27 November. The new piece will form part of a triple bill of new works, alongside a new composition for trombone ensemble and percussion looking at the glorification of war and conflict.

A few questions for 16-19 year olds

We've been granted funding from Arts Connect to develop a new app for our Illuminati-inspired show MK ULTRA. Similar to the popular ‘Elf Yourself’ app, we are aiming to create a tool that will enable you to upload your selfie, pick a dancer, pick a psychedelic background and export a short 10-second video transforming yourself into one of the show’s performers.

We are passionate about engaging young people with contemporary dance and are looking for 16-19 year olds to help feed into this process.

If you are aged 16-19 or know someone that is, download this questionnaire and return it to katee@rosiekay.co.uk by next Friday, 17 August.

This will help us to build an exciting new digital tool that is properly embedded with youth feedback and creative input! We are also welcoming enquiries if you know someone with digital skills that would like to get involved in this project.