Be part of Rosie Kay’s Romeo + Juliet

We are looking for volunteers (aged 16+) to help create the voices of the city in this new production. Set in the present day, we follow two groups of young people as they negotiate tensions, parties, love and ultimately tragedy in the city of Birmingham. Following choreographer Rosie Kay’s intensive research in the city, Rosie is looking for Birmingham voices who will volunteer to record parts of the script to be used in the soundtrack to the show.

We are looking for real Birmingham people to be the voices of a TV news presenter, a local, community and pirate radio presenters, different Police officers, an A+E nurse, ambulance crew and 999 control centre dispatcher. We’re also looking for local men and women of various ages to talk about what they witness, local gossip and reactions to news stories.

How will it work?
You will be given a draft script and then asked to record your voice on a phone device.  Your voice could become part of the sound score of this new and exciting work, which will premiere at Birmingham Hippodrome on 17 March 2021.

To volunteer please complete this form and we will be in touch shortly.