Absolute Solo II

A new solo for and by Rosie Kay

Rosie Kay stopped performing in 2015, after a career spanning over 30 years on stage. Rosie never thought this could ever happen, and has been happy to be behind the scenes the past 5 years. But the need to perform started to grow again, and Kay has been thinking about returning to stage. Getting thrust onto stage in the USA with 5 Soldiers certainly broke down any lingering sense of insecurity.

Kay has thinking about her own life and her own body as the material for a new work, and revisiting core feminist texts and their relevance to today’s society. Now, as an older dancing female, she has something to say about the female body and the experience of being female and being on stage. Part autobiography, part socio-anthropological study, Kay will use ideas of performance, identity, sex and gender to explore her new dancing spirit.


Initial R&D, August 2019 at Dance Hub Birmingham

Virtual residency, May 2020 with C-DaRE at the University of Coventry

Premiere, November 2020

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England

Commissioning Angels: Jeremy Howard (MediClub)

Choreographer/Performer: Rosie Kay
Producer: James Preston

Videos from Rosie’s lockdown residency, May 2020