Sluts of Possession

Led by filmmaker Louis Price, choreographers Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto, together with artist Peter Missotten investigate the spaces between emotion and consciousness, delving into themes such as possession, tribal ritual and anthropological notation of human interaction. Miotto and Kay, two virtuoso dance artists, perform the duet themselves, whilst a tactile fusion of ethnographic archive imagery donated by the Pitt Rivers Museum (Oxford), and newly created film material, houses them in shapes of light and imagery.

Sluts of Possession comments playfully on the so called distinctions between primitive and developed culture, highlighting outmoded colonial barriers that haunt ‘civilised’ society and its attitude to foreign cultures. For its 40 minutes running time, Sluts will seduce the rational minds of the viewer, and expose the flip-side of perception using the tools at its disposal: physicality, movement, light, projected film, and sound.







Led by filmmaker Louis Price
Choreographers: Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto
Artistic support: Peter Missotten

Premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2013 at Dance Base
Marked the second collaboration at the festival for Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto after the acclaimed duet Asylum premiered in Edinburgh 2005.

“Rosie Kay and Guilherme Miotto stalk, shuffle and grunt their way through a fascinating, feral tour de force“

The Guardian

‘‘…get under the skin of primal rituals, trance dance and the altered states that ensue…”

The Herald

”…a fractured journey into the dark heart of other cultures…an arresting attempt to capture primal states of being…”

The Times

“…a fascinating new show, which invades consciousness through its physicality and mesmeric power.’‘

The Skinny

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