Supernova is a work for five female dancers, who swirl, run, and leap their way through explorations of time, space and energy. The dancers show us moments of chaos and togetherness; bursts of great energy and spells of stillness. The dancers are tested to their limits, running in headlong flight, balancing precariously and even gently humming- all actions that show how sound and vibration is key to our existence. The soundtrack shifts between astral chimes, gongs and throbs, segments of Vivaldi’s Concerto Grosse in D minor and ends in intense drum and bass







Choreographer: Rosie Kay
Dancers: Tilly Webber, Hsiu-Hsien Tang, Morgann Temple, Rebecca Spinetti, Lauren Mitchell
Design: Louis Price
Lighting: Mark Parry
Music: Annie Mahtani

Funded by
Arts Council England
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“Kay proves that it is possible to make good, accessible dance that is clearly and unashamedly based in technique”

Dance Europe