The Dancers Project

Rising from the ashes of a cancelled run of Rosie Kay’s Fantasia at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we were delighted to commission three new socially distanced duets by RKDC regular dancers. New works by Carina Howard, Harriet Ellis and Shanelle Clemenson were created in August 2020.

The works were presented in a studio sharing in October 2020 hosted by Rosie Kay who detailed the project and other current work by Rosie Kay Dance Company.

Graceful Resilience by Shanelle Clemenson
Performed by Carina Howard & Harriet Ellis

Beneath Her Turmoil by Harriet Ellis
Performed by Shanelle Clemenson & Carina Howard

Cocoon Escape by Carina Howard
Performed by Shanelle Clemenson & Harriet Ellis

Host: Rosie Kay
Producer: James Preston
Director of Photography: Louis Price
Camera: Sima Gonsai

Funded by Arts Council England
Thanks to Heartwork Studios

Creation: August 2020
Filming: October 2020

Graceful Resilience by Shanelle Clemenson (2:13)

“This piece is an exploration into the female expressions from childhood to womanhood. Through life, her joy, pain, silence, and past and present trauma, defines her very complex being. Yet, with all that has been cast her way, she still remains beautiful and resilient.”

Beneath Her Turmoil by Harriet Ellis (19:25)

“Beginning with an unworldly and satirical perspective and ending with raw, brutal honesty, ‘Beneath Her Turmoil’ explores the experiences and expectations of a modern day woman; how she feels, how she is seen, how she is essentially accompanied by her own image of herself, and how a patriarchal society influences her every thought, action and outcome.”

Cocoon Escape by Carina Howard (35:03)

“Our identities are formed in many ways, from our job titles to our hair colour, and in the current climate it can feel like we are pressured to constantly improve ourselves. With this piece I encourage you to celebrate who you are right now and forgo the comfort of living inside a cocoon.”