A series of podcasts with Rosie Kay in conversation with figures from the academic, military and media spheres.

What does it take to achieve success? Is failure essential to it?
How do we become resilient?

What are the new challenges to the 21st Century artist?
Or indeed to the 21st Century scientist, academic, producer? Are we prepared to face them?

The Future-Proof Artist brings together interesting, successful and diverse figures of the arts and sciences to talk about success, failure, resilience, barriers and how to succeed. The podcasts are designed for dance and culture professionals and students to view future-proofing through the lens of dance.

Presented and produced by Simon Preston

EP01: Mars El-Brogy

A qualified journalist and experienced video production manager. Mars has produced for BBC Three, BBC Entertainment Development and BBC Worldwide as well as leading new media for International Dance Festival Birmingham.

Recorded in London, August 2018

EP02: Harry Parker

Harry studied History of Art at UCL and joined the British Army when he was 23 serving in Iraq and Afghanistan before going onto work as a civil servant. He now works as a painter and writer, his first novel Anatomy of a Soldier is published by Faber and Faber.

Recorded in London, August 2018

EP03: Adam Curtis

In Episode 3 Simon Preston talks to Rosie Kay and Adam Curtis, BBC journalist and BAFTA-winning filmmaker, about the origins of their fascinating partnership and how conspiracy theories fuelled the collaborative creation of the critically acclaimed MK ULTRA.

Recorded in London, July 2019

EP04: Annie Mahtani

Episode 4 features Rosie Kay in conversation with composer Annie Mahtani talking about their many years of working together and the joy of collaborating on Rosie's latest work, Rosie Kay's Fantasia.

Recorded at Birmingham Hippodrome in September 2019.

EP05: Ben Payne

Episode 5 features Rosie Kay in conversation with dramaturg Ben Payne talking about their working relationship, the role of a dramaturg in dance and the beginnings of Rosie's new production of Romeo & Juliet.

Recorded in London in July 2019.

EP06: Rosie Kay

Rosie Kay in conversation with Simon Preston talking about the reality of working as an artist during the Covid-19 pandemic and her returning to performing on stage in her upcoming new solo work Adult Female Dancer.

Recorded remotely, in April 2021.