Official handover from Gold Coast to Birmingham
15 April 2018


2018 tour dates being announced


Rosie Kay: Associate Director & Choreographer
Birmingham REP, June 2018

Thrilling and moving

Rosie Kay Dance Company creates brave new dance in Birmingham that tours to audiences at home and abroad. We thrill and move a diverse public with relevant, important, political and meaningful dance responding to contemporary society.

We engage participants from the hardest to reach parts of society and treat them as future professionals. We believe that watching or participating in dance has the power to transform hearts and minds.

Premiere of Woyzeck at Birmingham REP

As Associate Director and Choreographer, Rosie Kay will premiere a new version of Woyzeck at Birmingham Repertory Theatre in association with Birmingham International Dance Festival. The story about a traumatised soldier fighting for a better life is infused with the...

Modern Warrior starts tour at Brighton Festival

After headlining at Birmingham’s Chinese New Year, Modern Warrior is being redeveloped for a tour of Brighton Festival, Birmingham International Dance Festival, Just So Festival and Salisbury International Arts Festival. On Sunday 27 May, Modern Warrior begins its...

MK ULTRA comes to Southbank Centre

Pop brain-washing experiment MK ULTRA is back and this time we’re pushing it a step higher into some of the UK’s biggest theatres and performing arts venues. The conspiracy-fuelled show, produced in collaboration with documentary film maker Adam Curtis, asks some of...

Rosie Kay choreographs Commonwealth Games handover

Rosie Kay has been announced as the UK’s choreographer for the handover of the Commonwealth Games from Australia’s Gold Coast to Birmingham. Culture Central are calling out for 2022 young performers to take part in the performance choreographed by Rosie, which be...